Street or Studio

Tate Modern’s current photographic exhibition ‘Street or Studio‘ has embraced Web 2.0 technologies.

Schools must embrace these new interactive technologies to make the education students receive relevant to the wider world.

In particular it is interesting how LA have managed their ‘acceptable use policies’ or AUPs. Often sites like Flickr, YouTube and Facebook are blacklisted and cannot be accessed in the schools intranets.

I would argue that this is not progressive as surely it is better that students can access these user generated content sites with a caring, responsible adult in a safe environment where issues such as reliability of sources can be discussed, authenticity, copyright etc.

I have been frustrated at not being able to access Flickr in schools with GCSE students to encourage independent personalised research, and use Facebook in my planning time to contribute to discussions on North East Art Teachers Network group with other professionals interested in sharing and distributing best and ‘next’ practice.

Below are the two photographs I have entered into Tate’s fantastic online collaboration…

self portrait for Tate\'s street or studio

“Self-portrait Walking Home”

“World Class”


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