Drawing Power

I have talked recently (on The North East Art Teachers Network group page and at our Baltic event) about intentions or purposes for drawing and my renewed passion for the process.

The Reading Room discussion on drawing (a MAP event at Middlesbrough library) helped to refine my thoughts on the subject after hearing the thoughts of four contemporary practitioners. To see my overview of the key points see my previous post.

Not learn how to decipher photographs.. illiterate Mixed media collage (2008)
“Not learn how to decipher photographs.. illiterate” Elizabeth Kane Mixed media collage (2008)

On the horizon there is talk of a Saturday event for teachers to get together and make new drawings as part of the Big Draw which is part of the Campaign for Drawing. This is still very much a project underdevelopment. I am also attempting to create a powerpoint that explores drawing by contemporary local practioners based in Waygood or linked to the organisation via the Waygood Associates. When I am happy with this I will share it on the TES (Times Educational Supplement) resource bank.

Currently I have one resource online Drawing at Key Stage Three

The presentation aims to:
1) help us (artist teachers) implement the new National Curriculum for keys stage three in art and design. I have focussed on one of the NC Orders: 2.1(d) draw to express perception and invention, to communicate feelings, experiences and ideas, and for pleasure.

2) provide contemporary examples of ‘drawings’ in its widest sense with many digital/new media, Flickr and local contemporary artists.

This is clearly just one small part however I hope other users of the TES and North East Art Teachers Network might have a go at creating other PowerPoint’s with different areas of focus.

Please note that the images used in this Power Point are for educational purposes only. Where images have been used from other sites links have been provided.


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