Developing your Design Ideas GCSE Woodcarving Brief

This sheet shows some of the initial inspiration for this design idea including looking at the work of another artist and my own primary resource material (shells and photographs taken from the beach).

I have set out what I think are the negative and positive aspects of the design and thought a little about how I should develop it.

As I am creating a digital portfolio I think it is appropriate to use Photoshop to further develop my initial ideas and have began some simple experiments that have been added to create interest to the page layout. You could of course do this using any appropriate media but at this stage you do not want to invest too much time into one drawing/artwork.

I have also included full references to where I have collected images… this is really important as you don’t want examiners to think you are plagiarising (copying) other peoples work.

Developing Design Idea 2
Developing Design Idea 2
Developing Design Idea 3
Developing Design Idea 3

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