Making Power Point Resources for Applied Art GCSE Woodcarving Scheme of Work

Last week I spent a considerable amount of time making Power Point resources for Applied Art GCSE Woodcarving scheme of work. The artists listed were: Andy Goldsworth; Georgia O’Keefe; Henry Moore; Barbara Hepworth; Isamu Noguchi and Antony Gormley.

I tried to keep the presentations brief (about 8 pages) with a basic chronology of their working practice from the start of their professional training to their current practice or death.

There is a page outlining some of their key artistic influences. These influences can be relating to:

A theme (Thematic) e.g. the body and Antony Gormley

A place (Environmental) e.g. Mexico and Georgia O’Keefe

World events (contextual) e.g. Henry Moore and WWII

People/Movements e.g. Barbara Hepworth and the British modernists

Cultural/Religious e.g. Isamu Noguchi and Buddhism.

There is also a section which suggest “Key Words” and “Materials, Techniques and Technology” to help us understand the Power Point introduction to the artist.


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