“Don’t Let the Media Have the Monopoly on the Freedom of Speech” part 4

Thinking about Ben Jone‘s comment about my original visual response I can see the links to Vito Acconci‘s saliva studies… this image was actually inspired by a video I made of me grinding my teeth through a transparent gum guard. I quite likes the challenge of setting the camera on timed then synchronising the click with the point where I pulled my mouth open to its widest point. The work also reminds me a bit of Bruce Nauman’s ‘Studies for Holograms’ (1970).

I played around a bit with video work at university during my Ba (Hons) Fine Art but never considered them performance art. Since then I seem to have been drawn to performance artists work because there is often something incredibly open it. Performance artists often share their emotions good or bad with an unabashed honesty. Sometimes this can be controversial.

I prefer the control a video work or photograph gives you because you have a finer degree of control in editing/presenting what you want people to see, and the degree of separation between yourself as an artist and the audience.

This is my 4th piece inspired by Ben’s work… I scanned in my head with some parcel tape stuck firmly over my mouth. I like scanning images because they produce a conetemporary sfumato effect.

Susan Coles (artist, teacher, educational consultant and founder of the North East Art Teachers Network) she told me how she had included Performance Art in part of her graphics GCSE at Biddick school which shows that performance art can form part of the GCSE Art and Design syllabus and that creative thinking can lead to exciting unconventional outcomes in school art. Sally Madge also encouraged us (trainee artist-teachers) to think about drawing and performance art at a workshop about children’s drawing at Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art in 2007.

Some people in my creative network that include performance in their practice include: Francesca Steele; Paul Grimmer; Claire, Nicola Hunter, Topsy Grewlike, Ginny Reed , Nurse Luby, Matt Cowan and Maggie Tran. Many of the works are suitable starting points for projects in Art and Design in school.


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