Interdisciplinary Fields

Francesca Steele does it, Ele Carpenter does it, Pete Hindle and Brian Degger do it. They each work in interdisciplinary fields making for lots of creative potential and therefore contemporary, challenging, inspired and interesting creative outcomes.

Projects like the Steele’s histopathology/cytology imagery ; Carpenter’s ‘HTML patchwork’ and Hindle and Degger’s ‘Glowbikes’ highlight just how fruitful working with a interdisciplinary methodology can be for artists and audiences.

In school contexts we work in an interdisciplinary way by filling in that box cross-curricular activities sometimes more and sometimes less successfully. I hugely admired Gillian Hewitt’s project on cells as a means to introduce colour theory to year 7s was really inspiring; Howard Lee’s collaboration with the science department to produce site specific insect sculptures for the nature pond were wonderful and Jill Piddock described in conversation with me a wonderful project in her school linking RE, Music and Art based on mandalas at the last North East Art Teachers Network meeting.

Cross-curricular links are great so long as we remember the emphasis of an art and design lesson is art and design and not somehow to serve another subject. Art and design is about the world we live in, really all creative activities are interdisciplinary- they are about sociology, psychology, anthropology, history, science… thats why I believe the notion of spheres in which people work are not incredibly helpful or valid. All art is cross-curricular don’t worry too much about that box on a scheme of work.


One thought on “Interdisciplinary Fields

  1. Brian says:

    Thanks for the link, I think a lot of scientists are aware of the new avenues and audiences that working with artists can bring. Dual-use of technological education means that techniques can be used for art or science, and research outcomes can benifit both.

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