Artist-Teacher credentials officially approved by Tate!

Something amazing has happened. I’ve been selected by the judges of Tate’s “Street or Studio” online project so my work will feature in their book. I am really delighted. Will need to go over to my parents house to send Tate a higher spec image than that on Flickr as here in Hartlepool am without the digital file.

The judges who selected the 100 photographs to be included in the photobook were:

I’ve been working on my contextual knowledge and practical skills as although I won’t be teaching the photography a-level at my new school but as it’s a strength in the department I envisage it will play a part in my teaching across key stage three and four.
As someone who’ specialism is probably drawing (I don’t like to pin it down too much) I think comparatively my photography skills were a bit elementary but maybe that’s what set it apart from the thousands of very polished portraits of gorgeous smiling people that I was so in awe of.
Who knows why the judges liked it and selected it I’m just pleased. I think luck often plays a part in whether you get picked to be in shows.  A gritty rather unflattering self-portrait but a good image non the less

There has been some quite generalised harsh critical reaction to the images by some participants… its too white, too middle class, to london centric, too many street photos, to snap shot. But there has also been some praise for individuals photographic contributions which is great. I guess thats what Tate wanted a thinking critically involved audience.

Thanks to the work of Frida Kahlo, Sarah Lucus, Tracey Emin, Artimisia Gentilesci, Gwen John, Cindy Sherman the style of Martin Par and thoughts on photography of Annie Lieberwitz.

I think being an art teacher has allowed me just to do whatever art I want to do and not worry too much about its context in the professional arts world.
Thanks in particular Topsy Grewlike for pointing me to Flickr and Tate’s competition. Guess I can justify upgrading to the pro account now (or when I get my next pay cheque).


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