Preparing for an Interim Assessment of Our Learners Creative and Media Diploma Students Work

We’ve had our fabulous tour of the Theatre Royal Newcastle. Our tour guide Thom was brilliant and gave us a galloping guide!

To try and maximise the benefit of the visit on Wednesday learners were given a brief to write a script to train tour guides (including as much technical language and interesting facts about different theatre careers as possible)… this aims to help enhance and demonstrate their understanding of the following skillsets/areas of principal learning in the Performance unit:
Theatre Technical and Production
Creative Writing
Employer Engagement

Looking forward next week we will be carrying out an interim assessment our learners portfolios.

We will be taking in their:

Learning Diaries (evidencing their PLTS)
Proposal for the unit
Evidence of class based learning activities
Evidence of visits/Employer Engagement
Powerpoint on the historical/cultural context of their chosen areas.
Powerpoint on Oliver Twist relating previous performances in Theatre and Film to their proposal.

These portfolios will evidence how they have met the following learning objectives:

LO1 Understand the development of a form of performance over a specified period of time
(• undertake an investigation into the history of a form of performance over a specified period of time demonstrating an understanding of factors which have influenced change)

LO2 Be able to contribute to the planning of a performance
(take on a defined role and contribute to the planning of a performance • collaborate with others to generate and explore ideas for the performance)

LO3 Be able to contribute to the production of a performance
(carry out responsibilities for own role in a performance operating as part of a team • manage own time in order to work to schedules • follow safe working practices)

LO4 Be able to monitor own contribution to a performance.
(monitor progress throughout the planning and production of a performance in order to refine ideas and outcomes and understand own strengths and weaknesses)

Aside from this I noticed a referal to my blog really interesting site with fantastic resources for C&M Diploma teachers…


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