Switch in Focus

For a time I’ve been focused on being the best teacher I could be. I’ve put a lot of things on hold… I’ve spent many evenings thinking about resources and projects. But I have burnt out. I realise I can never achieve this self determined notion  ‘bestestness’ that I am aiming for because no matter what I do it could be done better (with more time, more resources, more support or by someone with more experience).

I was very lucky to have worked at a really good school… my Year 11 applied art bunch are amazing kids and I’ve missed them. I was just getting to know the year 10 creative and media students and their work was on  inspiring, energetic, creative and something to be proud of.

I had very professional colleagues who always strove for their personal best and want to give the learners every opportunity to do well.

2010 is time for a change, I haven’t been well for a while now, thankfully I have the support of my family and a few good friends. Next weekend I will be starting to sell some prints of my own art at Tynemouth Market.

This blog will change as I re-focus on my own creative practice.

Best wishes to my old school.


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