Artists Interview

1. What inspires you?

I love trying to visually depict my thoughts about the internal and external world we inhabit, clashing the everyday with fantasy. Sometimes the artwork becomes obviously narrative; sometimes it’s more like a snapshot of a moment and is difficult to work out the logic. This lack of clarity doesn’t trouble me so much anymore, as an art student I spent ages thinking about ‘What does it mean?’ and ‘Is it important?’ now I realise it’s just something I HAVE to do it fulfils part of me that gets very demanding if you ignore it! I think I’m sometimes more interested in just how it works as an image., colour and line quality are tremendously important.
Other artists work informs my own art practice too… I love Taschen’s books ‘Illustration Now’. My favourite painters include Kerry James Marshal his use of gaze and unexpected materials including glitter. Frida Kahlo is also high up on my list for her story telling. Henri Matisse; Kandinsky and Tracey Emin are three of the other tremendously important artists I think about a lot.

2. Is there a routine to how you make art?

Not really. I need to psyche myself up but once I start I get really into it. If I’m painting I like to work on multiple things otherwise I get impatient and overwork them. If I’m drawing I get obsessed with getting it to a finishing point I listen to music or the tv in the background when I draw… it sustains me!
I’d just like to clarify I say ‘a finishing point’ rather than ‘the finishing point’ because sometimes I like to leave things to the viewer’s imagination forcing them to activate the image.

3. Are you ever satisfied with your work?

I have been on rare occasions… but it takes time, perhaps months after doing something I’ll really be able to see it for what it is and I think, ‘Hey that’s alright. It’s quite interesting really’.

4. Did you ever imagine being an artist?

Not really until I did my Ba(Hons) Fine Art and even then I wasn’t convinced I had the right qualities. Now I’ve done my office job and  given my best shot to another profession (teaching) I realise I need to give it (being an artist) my best shot.

Any other questions?


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