Tynemouth Market- First Weekend

Saturday 6th and Sunday 7th of February  where my first days trading at Tynemouth Market. Although I was a bit under the weather I am so happy I went. It was great to get feedback on my artwork and to chat to potential customers and interested passer-bys.

I was selling a selection of my own original art prints out and some cards created by Hannah Mountain.

My print “Rabbit Eye” divided opinion. Some people found the image really interesting and were drawn to the print, asking me about my technique (a combination of traditional drawing and Photoshop collage) whilst others found it a bit unsettling. I loved the fact people had seemingly strong reactions to this artwork, I’d hate to be bland. I equate art to music in this regard, people have to really love it to pay money for it so something simply ‘nice’ would have made me feel a bit sceptic about my selling potential.

"Rabbit Eye"
"Rabbit Eye" Elizabeth Kane (2010) (c)

The inspiration for “Rabbit Eye” was sculpture seen at Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art some time ago, unfortunately I didn’t make a note of the name of the original piece or artist but remember it was an assemblage of stuffed creatures in battle,  I think it was exhibited in ‘Freakshow- an unnatural history” but am not sure. I quickly sketched one of the rabbits using a biro. I  found it fascinating how the fur was coming away from the skeleton revealing the internal framework. I was also interested in the symbolism of peacock feathers in art…

Hannah’s current cards are created combing a range of textile techniques including screen printing, appliqué and hand/machine embroidery. They are bright, vivid and really original. A lot of people commented they had not seen anything like them before so I’ll be passing on their kind comments to Hannah


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