Rednile Factory Nights at Berwick

Fingers crossed I get an email back to tell me that next Friday (that’s friday 23rd April) I’m going to be attending my first Factory Night.

RedNile run by Janine Goldsworthy, Michael Branthwaite and Suzanne Hutton started in Sunderland in an empty carpet warehouse but has grown into an organisation that works really well with businesses and other organisations to provide opportunities for artists and of course for the professional development of its founding members.

On its Facebook page the group sets out its intentions about the Factory Nights remit,

“Factory Nights is a series of inspiring working sessions for ANY visual artists, photographers, writers, poets, musicians, filmmakers and any other creatives! Factory Nights is not a discussion event, seminar or workshop.
Factory Nights are free sessions that simply provide an opportunity for creative people to come together in an interesting venue and supportive environment to make work or initiate ideas. Artists can come to the sessions with something they have been working on or could start something brand new, inspired by the space.”

Our itinerary focuses on The Old Town Hall (which hosts the jail with its beautiful sea inspired graffiti), the Council Chambers and bell tower. I plan on spending the whole day in Berwick, visiting The Gymnasium Gallery, taking a walk along the Town walls and of course enjoying a coffee in one of the lovely cafes.

I feel I have been focusing very heavily on the more applied side of my art practice recently (because after all its paying for my stall at Tynemouth) so am looking forward to some more personally motivated artworks. I’m really looking forward to taking some photographs and making some new drawings.

Self-portrait in Berwick in 2007
The last time I was in Berwick was 2007 for the Berwick Film Festival.

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