The Past, the present or the future.

Last post I talked about a creative outing to Berwick. Unfortunately it was on the same day as another event so although yesterday I finally got a notice to say I had a place (administrative mix up) I couldn’t take it up. I’m still planning on venturing to Berwick, perhaps next week, as it is such an interesting and beautiful place.

Talking about future plans I’ve been doing some organising. Looking through various notebooks and loose papers and a theme appears to be re-emerging in my latest set of drawing, the future.

‘What will be’ is a powerful phrase suggesting a degree of predetermination. I’ve made drawings, paintings, objects and projected images in the past on this subject, basing the imagery on tarot cards. I like the idea of exploring this theme visually in more depth…

It’s not that I particularly believe in predetermination of the future or that if that was the case that there are methods to reveal it to us but just that as a notion it is fascinating. We are all interested in ourselves, we enjoy reminiscing and planning. I feel we are less concerned with the present because it reveals our lack of control… reminiscing enables you to create a narrative highlighting particular aspects of an experience; planning is like a literary draft you are bringing elements together like locations and people in order to create something. Now is controlled by the external rather than the internal.

For those interested, the title of this post is a rather tenuous link to an episode of the drama Waterloo Road. The deputy head was creating a group designed to improve the chances of students applying to top universities. After an interview they were asked to write an essay on which they thought was more important. “The Past, the present or the future.” This point seemed pertinent to my creative practice.


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