Facebook is where it’s at!

I know I must update the blog for those of you who are not fans (or more specifically even users) of Facebook. However if you do have an account make your way over to Elizabeth Kane Visual Artist you’ll see lots of lovely new work.

I’ve been hard at work this month making lots of new designs and selling work at Tynemouth Market. Last weekend I introduced five new cards including ‘Electric Zebra’;’Unicorn’; ‘Twinkle’; ‘Shoreline’ and ‘Yorkshire Terrier Troupe Leader’. I also restocked ‘Pink Teddy’; ‘Turquoise and Pink Union Jack’ and ‘Yellow and Blue Un…ion Jack’ after they had sold out. I had a bumper saturday which rounded May off very nicely.

“Twinkle” (2010) Elizabeth Kane ©
“Twinkle” (2010) Elizabeth Kane © Twinkle was an extremely beautiful rescue cat with one green and one blue eye. We love Twinkle x Drawn with Stabilo fine liners (0.4) then scanned, her fur is a combination of mother of pearl, acrylic paintings and photographed black glitter card. I have tried to make Twinkle sparkle.

The previous weekend ‘Hypercolour Dachshund DJ’; ‘Amazing Jack Russell’s’; ‘Scat Cat Plays the Tambourine’; ‘Circus Pony’; ‘Tribal Heart’ and ‘Roaring Birthday’ previewed for the first time. The sun was beating down on the glass station roof at Tynemouth creating a powerful greenhouse effect. Fortunately people had adjusted to the sudden heat wave by Sunday and remembered when shopping one must bring their purses! I wish I hadn’t complained quite so much about being quite so overheated as we reverted back to typical British weather and that may have been the Summer in its entirity.

"Tribal Heart" 2010 Elizabeth Kane ©
"Tribal Heart" 2010 Elizabeth Kane © A digitial collage design created from an original fineliner drawing and acrylic painting.

I’m currently working on some new animal designs to add to the ‘menagerie’ collection and am in the process of developing a ‘burlesque’ art card range…. oo er I say missus!

Future developments include a commission to make an illustration for a new shop (more details will follow both of the design and the fabulous new creative venture by one of my newest friends) and a wonderful gorgeous shop wants to see my designs up close and personal (fingers and toes crossed they decide to go with some of my work).


One thought on “Facebook is where it’s at!

  1. carole luby says:

    hello Elizabeth. you are a busy bee and thank you for your website. All the best, i hope your work continues to inspire and excite.


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