Busy times but really happy…

How come everything happens in clusters? Is that how other artists find their work schedules pan out?

I have a nice little routine to help me deal with all the varied tasks you have to do when you’re running your own little creative business. Tuesday to Friday are making days, writing/promotion days, networking days, research days and sometimes stocking up with supply days or accounting days. Sat and Sun are selling days, that’s when you’ll find me at Tynemouth Market. Monday is my day of rest and boy do I normally need it!

This week I’ve also got to throw in preparing for an arts workshop in Hamsterly Forest Durham next Thursday, meeting with the Visual Art Development Officer from The Customs House about stocking and selling my work and finding something to wear for a friends wedding.

I'm going to be working with Scrapbank next Thursday 5th August in Hamsterly Forest Durham along with fellow professional artist Hannah Mountain and Leanne. Its part of a woodland festival so we'll be there all day. Activities will include mask making and peg dolls themed around woodland mythical creatures.

It’s hard fitting all that in, especially the finding something to wear to a friends wedding (she sighs after her 2hour Metro Centre power shop failed earlier this evening*). I can’t imagine how people fit in things like having children and a social life!

Tomorrow I’m making sure all my art cards are restocked (think printing, scoring and cutting then packaging); reorganising my portfolio of prints and then a meeting with the amazing Hannah Mountain to discuss the Scrapbank workshop in Hamsterly Forest as well as Laura (an artist teacher friend).

This Friday, after the meeting in the King Street shop project by The Customs House I’m going to work on a couple of my pet portrait commissions. (They’re £12 not including p&p for an A4 print).

A great idea for a gift, something unique and personal. Either an A4 digital print (£12 not including p&p) or a bespoke gift card with prices starting from as little as £2.50. This image was inspired by Anna’s handsome companion Louie and artefacts from the Louvre. It is an original digital collage mixing artist’s drawings from photographs in Adobe Photoshop Elements by local North East artist Elizabeth Kane. All images are copyright of the artist “Louie the Crowned Prince’ (2010) E Kane ©

In the longer term got to get on with developing some large scale prints for my show at Made in Newcastle in November (Ill keep you posted) and develop my online shop (an independent website or Etsy still can’t decide).

Writing this all out enabled me to tick one more thing of my list of things to do i.e. update the blog. I hope I can continue to be organised and efficient tomorrow, maybe I’ll get a gold star!

*Not only did the trip fail in terms of no bloomin’ outfit but also because The Papermill don’t sell the type of paper Ive been using to make my cards anymore so had to make a style substitution… I’ll have to review this tomorrow. GAH!


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