“Reflect” E Kane © (2005) felt, cotton, silk and ink
“Reflect” E Kane © (2005) felt, cotton, silk and ink

This image was created in 2005 for the small artworks exhibition held at Northumbria University Gallery. At the time I was working as a secretary so was excited to spend some time on my art with a particular purpose in mind. I had experimented with a range of compositions before settling on a full face portrait with a slightly off centre gaze.

I think the image is somewhat reminiscent of the characters in Egon Schiele’s portraits but more docile! It’s certainly expressionistic in style.

At the time I was deeply interested in the history of portraits within art. I loved heading down to the Literary and Philosophical Society in Newcastle upon Tyne and studying their art library which had lots of fabulous books on Renaissance art in particular. Of course they were quite old and I’m sure contemporary art historians may have made different observations and come to different conclusions but it was great to reconnect to critical thought on art.

I think “Reflect” still shows my love of drawing, starting with a simple sketch on felt then being built up using thread as the medium for creating lines, colour, tone and texture.

“Reflect” never made it into the final exhibition now in hindsight I see it didn’t really sit well with the other exhibitors work (particularly as I had little money to have the piece properly framed- bad move) and am just pleased to have rediscovered it tucked away in a portfolio.


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