Art at Tynemouth Station

I’ve  stumbled across Tynemouth Station Arts today. As one of the stall holders at Tynemouth Market on the West concourse and an artist working in the North-East think its great.

Having had a stall at Tynemouth market since February I’ve seen a number of pieces of contemporary art in and around the station. Sometimes when I’m buying a coffee or nipping across the bridge to use the ‘facilities’ I eavesdrop on peoples comments which are usually expressions of enthusiasm.

I really liked Rednile‘s large photographic prints based on flora… You can find out more about ‘Pioneering Species’ here. They reminded me a bit of floral kaliedascopes and of Francessca Steele‘s Belsay Hall instalation ‘Les Fleur du Mal’.

Pioneering Species launch night at Tynemouth Station (A projet by Rednile) available at

Reading the information about the project on their website what is also clear that working with people in the local area including allotment holders and school children was as important as the final outcome.

I also enjoyed the recent installations in the bridge space in particularly the wrapped stairs, ‘Step One’ by Helen Edling and Kate Penrice. I thought the work fully used the space and intrigued the viewer.

The choice of fabrics used in ‘Step One’ summoned the ‘Dreamtime’ stories of Aboriginal Australians but I’m not really sure if this was the point at all! The artist Jimmie Durham also sprang to mind,  perhaps like his sculptures the ladders are totems erected to signify something ceremonial, territorial or relating to folklore.

I tried to find Jimmie Durhams own webpage or gallery representation but failed so if you clicked his name you were taken to matts gallery if you click here you’ll be taken to a Cornerhouse and a link to his book, “Jimmie Durham: The Second Particle Wave Theory”.

I can clearly see how the work relates to each artists individual practice (look at Katherine’s Boundary Crossings and Stairs collections or Helen’s narrative works…)

Sorry I can’t find a great image of this work to post.

The butterflies created at the Green day now inhabiting the bridge space appear very popular with the public and I’ve heard many positive comments about the variety of materials and process used.

On a Saturday I sell my art cards and limited edition prints… on a Sunday I share my stall with Anne Proctor a printmaker who brings a range of her limited edition collographs and etchings.

My stall... Saturday configuration sharing with James William Nicholson's Music Stall
My stall... Saturday configuration sharing with James William Nicholson's Music Stall. It looks a little different each week!

To find out more about my own work for sale at Tynemouth please become a fan on facebook


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