Made in Newcastle… no more solo exhibition.

Back in July I had a meeting with Made in Newcastle and was so positive about getting the opportunity to show my work in an exhibition space in central Newcastle in what would have been my inaugral solo show.

I followed up the meeting with an email and got confirmation that I’d be having a solo show he week of 22-27 November. I’ve been telling my friends, family and customers at Tynemouth about my show and the project…

Last week (that’s early September) I get an email explainging that the exhibition space is fully booked up and could I share the space with someone who makes chandaliers… I was polite but firm in saying no because I believed this would impact on my work. My images versus chandeliers competing for viewers attention probably wouldn’t work.

I’ve been making A1 images for the main wall, had A3 images ready to mount for the wall by the stairs and a cluster of A6 images in a variety of frames for the third wall.

Nothing from Made in Newcastle for a few days then an email to another individual confirming the space had been booked and that they would be sharing with Elizabeth Kane (that’s me!).

Made in Newcastle is a great concept. Maybe MIN just wasn’t the right space for me to work with. I understand it’s a co-operative project and that people pay for the chance to exhibit by giving their time- I’d offered to work there every Tuesday but never heard back- but the bottom line is I’m gutted as I’d let my expectations get high.

The fact that they decided to double up the space (I don’t think it was the chandelier maker but I have no idea what this persons work is like) and that they shared my contact details with someone I’ve never met made me realise ultimately I would be frustrated and unhappy if I continued. I would have been able to find an artist to share the space with that I knew would compliment my own work including the photographer James William Nicholson or printmaker Anne Proctor who I have shared my stall with in the past but I think communication wasn’t the best between MIN and myself.

I hope all the people participating in Made in Newcastle get what they want out of it. They’ve done some terrific things like a charity art auction, had a pop up stall at The Shiply Late that accompanies the show Craftivism, and had some great solo shows.

Going to continue finishing the work I’ve started and then find a space to work with.


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