Artists Book Course at Creative Cohesion Sunderland with theresa Easton

Week One at this 10 week artist’s books course was great. Felt quite quiet as I took everything in. After a brief tour around the Creative Cohesion on Nile Street Sunderland building and gallery (where I encountered Jessica Irena Smith’s amazing hummingbird bowl). (


'Hummingbird Bowl' created with kiln-formed fused glass; 12" in diameter


Theresa Easton briefly discussed what form an artists book might take generally and specifically for this project. We have to work within the remit of ‘an artists book on Sunderland’. Theresa introduced some basic relief printing techniques.


"Rope" Theresa Maria Easton (2008) Photo Credit: David Lawson book measuring 15cm by 15 cm made from paper, card and screenprinted.


I’ve decided to pursue the theme of Lewis Carroll as it is widely believed he wrote Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland whilst holidaying in a house in Whitburn. He also had relatives who were involved in customs in Sunderland.

I’ve been scouring sources finding images of antique clocks and pocket watches by makers or retailers in Sunderland. I think I’ve got quite a nice selection to be going on with.



Tenneil's illustration of the White Rabbit for Lewis Carroll
Tenneil's illustration of the White Rabbit for Lewis Carroll


Next I to collect some more dynamic rabbit images. I think Ill try and include some sort of rabbit warren (the passage Alice initially falls down) perhaps thinking about either the Sunderland Railway station as its underground… a mine shaft… or I’ll try to visualise the tunnel in Spottee’s cave in Roker Park.

Perhaps the tunnel could be in the shape of the bus route from my house to Sunderland! Or a morbius loop (I’m sure I read in ‘Annotated Alice’ if you fell through a hole in the earth you would oscillate back and forth forever assuming no force other than gravity was acting on you)… plus Carroll was a mathematician. Ooo and I remember something bizarre happens when you cut a morbius strip in half! Look at this

I definitely liked the concertina style book.

I’m really happy that because I studied at Sunderland University to complete my BA (Hons) Fine Art and I live on the boundary between Sunderland and South Shields I was eligible to apply for this course.


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