Artists Books Course at Creative Cohesion Sunderland With Theresa Easton, Week Six

More than half way through this fabulous course at Creative Cohesion. My own book is starting to come together.

I’ve found the medium of screen printing equally fascinating and infuriating. Some of the challenges have included registration; getting the right pressure with the squeegee and therefore pushing the right volume of ink through the screen; and clarity of fine detail have been a challenge in such a short time to complete an edition of 3 artist’s books but I’m finally getting somewhere.

I have three colours on my concertina page (yellow, blue and black) and have the final layer of white rabbits to overprint. Once that’s done I can complete my hand embellishment of the text ‘Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland’ which needs a bit more tonal counter change. I’ve also produced a black screen print on an acrylic painting this might end up being the one I select for exhibition.

For my front cover and have been experimenting with lino cut pocket watches. At first I was a bit heavy handed but I think I’m finding the balance.

18ct hunter, minute repeating   -   Gowland, Sunderland, 1872

Alyson Stoker’s book is ‘Catch the Light’. Her concertina page is really beginning to come together. I love her combination of monoprinting (using found textures) and screen printing. The colour combination is also fabulous.

Catch the Light Festival at Southwick Primary School
Alyson helps facilitate the 'Catch the Light Festival' at Southwick Primary.

Pauline is making a Japanese Stab Bound book featuring paper she has made herself. Encapsulated in the paper are boiled, dried and microwaved leaves, they are quite stunning.

The bolied leaved begin to look like they have been carefully crafted out of resin or cellulose. She is also thinking about trapping silk threads like a drawn line in her pages.

Tonight Pauline did some two colour screen prints (orange and a blue-turquoise) of aliums (or perhaps dandelions clocks), what’s really nice is that the colours are offset so you can see them as individual hues and as how they combine on the paper.

Incidently, Jo (I think) the lady who works at Sunderland Museum and Winter Gardens shared with us that Sunderland is the UK city with the most trees… wow! Jo is back from China with lots of inspiration on artists books and clearly knows loads about Sunderland so I can’t wait to see what emerges.

Frances book traces the coastline of the city of Sunderland and identifies places of interest such as Fulwell Mill. Her coast defined by the colour of the sea (a beautiful blue-green) onto which she is layering shades of grey and a maroon-red to link to her cover.


The National Glass Centre cohort have been working hard too, I’m not even going to try and name them because I know Ill get all confused, but there are images emerging from lino that are so complex its mind blowing, moiré effect antique maps that look like waves on the sea and much more.

Moire Effect
Moire Effect shown as bottom image where two grids overlap

I’ll have to take some photographs to share these outcomes with you.


2 thoughts on “Artists Books Course at Creative Cohesion Sunderland With Theresa Easton, Week Six

  1. Susan says:

    Really interesting to see this project develop. Will you all exhibit your books at the end? Incidentally, Sunerland can only claim the tree fame thanks to Washington which comes under the City of Sunderland. In Washy, there are more trees per person than anywhere in the UK.

    1. elizabethkane says:

      The books are going to join an international touring exhibition of artists books based on Sunderland ending in Washington DC. It has been discussed that once they’ve completed their global tour of printworks and other organisations associated with artists books they may be exhibited in the Sunderland Museum and Winter Gardens.

      Yes I understand Washington was the green jewel of Sunderland… Nicoloa Maxwell’s book is based on the paths people have created through the ‘islands of nature’ in Washington. Her original photographs are stunning but shes transforming them into a fairytale book with linocuts for the purpose of this project.

      I wasn’t suprised at how green Washingotn is, as other new towns are also very green, but I was surprised to learn that Washington was part of sunderland. I’d always thought of it as its own place separate and distinct from Sunderland.

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