Examples of Commissioned Portrait Work

The following images are all copyright of the artist Elizabeth Kane (2010).

I wanted to share the commissions that I am working on at the moment with everyone and give you an idea of the level of communication between the commissioner and the artist. [They’ve changed facebook so I was a bit baffled about uploading these to the relevant places but Im sure I’ll figure it out over the coming weeks.] In the meantime…

I’m currently working for a client who wants multiple commissions.  For those of you who don’t know a commission is a piece of work made by an artist, designer or craftperson specifically for a client (this could be one person, a group of people, a business or an institution). If you knew this sorry its the ex-art teacher in me!

The first piece that I’m working on for my current client is a human (!) portrait… I’ve only done a handful of these so always a bit exciting and a challenge. The image below shows the 4 variations  presented to the client. They are all quite similar but subtley different, I really like variation one where we can only see the little girls head and hands.  It reminds me of a Victorian silhouette.

"Gypsy Charlie" Elizabeth Kane (2010)

If a client wants a different coloured or patterned background this is possible.  I am really pleased with the outcome. I think this has a lot to do with the client providing a great original photograph that had some humour in it.  The pose is quite regal, very inspiring.

The second is a portrait of a dog  called “Maude”..

"Maude" Elizabeth Kane (2010)

I’ve presented the client with  4 variations . You will notice that Maude has a striking green beard in the forth version…  again a funny, unique photograph was supplied.

"Harry playing Scrabble" Elizabeth Kane (2010)

The third file shows 3 versions of “Harry playing Scrabble”. I need to spend a lot more time on the board but you get an idea of the final composition/

Please note I will never sell another A4 print of these designs – I may from time to time exhibit my work in which case I will exhibit the artists
proof (but retain the copyright so may use the dogs for greetings cards or other printed products).

At the moment I only supply A4 prints (on professional quality photo paper with canon inks) with the option of adding an A3 archival quality mount. After christmas my prices are changing (to reflect the time taken to create a unique artwork to your specifications… details will follow).

To commission work please leave a comment hear…

Speak to me at Tynemouth Market on a Sat/Sun…

Visit my Facebook page Elizabeth Kane Visual Artist

Or email me (no gaps but add an @ sign) Elizabeth _ Kane 81 at hotmail.com


3 thoughts on “Examples of Commissioned Portrait Work

  1. Town Mouse says:

    Hi Elizabeth – funnily enough, I’m just trying to add a link to your work from my own wordpress blog! I love your comments and am very proud that you’ve used these as an example of your work. Ian was delighted with them – and Beth loved the ones of Charlie. She chose the one with the green background. It was so nice to meet you at the weekend. I now have to choose frames for them all – very difficult. I want to do them full justice. Thank you again.

    1. elizabethkane says:

      It was lovely to see you on Sunday and to see Charlie yes she is a young lady now no longer a toddler. Hope Harry and Maud behave themselves and don’t take themselves off on anymore hikes across the moor!

      I am so glad that you like the prints. It’s one thing to see them on a computer screen but quite different in reality. I am sure you will make a fabulous choice regarding the frames.

      I will certainly have a look at your blog and add a link.

      Thanks again for your custom it’s been much appreciated over the horrible December when doing the market was out of the question.

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