Forthcoming attractions

Artists Books @ Creative Cohesion date tbc

My work “Alice’s Adventure” will be on show at Creative Cohesion in Sunderland in the near future, it was the result of a ten week course led by Theresa Easton. Fingers crossed we have a little preview as I’d love a chance to look again at my fellow participants artworks.

Theresa Easton has a callout about the project on her new blog. If you are an artist interested in Sunderland and artist’s books please visit her site to get the details.

On the subject of Sunderland and Alice in Wonderland  I caught a little bit of Inside Our North East and Cumbria on the debate about whether the North  or the South inspired Lewis Carroll. I’m not sure how long it will be available but it is work taking a peek if you’re interested.

Chris Jackson the presenter writes

And I go head to head with Jon Cuthill, my Inside Out counterpart in Oxford, to see whether it was the North or South that really inspired Lewis Carroll’s “Alice in Wonderland”.

If you want to check out the evidence in person head to Darlington Railway Museum where they’ve a special Alice exhibition.

Or you can find out more in graphic artist Bryan Talbot’s book “Alice in Sunderland”.

I think Ill have to organise myself and get along to Darlington to see this but I’ve got until March 31st!

"Alice's Adventures" E Kane © (2010) Photographed by David Lawson
"Alice's Adventures" E Kane © (2010) Photographed by David Lawson

La Maison de Peche @ Peoples Theatre Heaton 27th February starts 7pm

La Maison de Peche is all booked in for Feb 27th at the Peoples Theatre in Heaton on the coast road. La Maison de Peche is a burlesque night with performer Constance Peach headlining.

Myself, Tiki Tearaway and Als Musique Boutique are confirmed as stall holders for the night to satisfy your shopping urges  before the show and during the intermission! There will even be a raffle so you could win something beautiful and unique.

This will be the first burlesque night I’ve attended and am not sure what to expect but am looking forward to getting glamed up- currently working on a special collection of cards and artworks inspired by the event.

Constance Peach Photographed by Mark Pinder

More examples of Mark Pinder’s work are available online here BUT there is another Mark Pinder, professional photographer, here.

Sanctuary Artspace 9th April

I’ve also got a show of work coming up at Sanctuary Artspace, St Edmunds, High Street, Gateshead, United Kingdom on 9th April 12.00 till 5.00 where I will be selling original art.  There will be a diverse range of local artists, photographers and illustrators who will all be displaying and selling their work. Tea and coffee will be served throughout the day. Details of the event are on facebook here.


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