Developing workshops for 11-15 year olds on local contemporary Artists and Designer

advert for workshop inspired by Bethan Lakers work
advert for workshop inspired by Bethan Lakers work

I am currently developing a number of workshops/art summer schools/ art parties aimed at young people showing how to link your work to that of contemporary artist and designers.

This is the work that I produced yesterday inspired by the work of Bethan Laker an illustrator based at The Mushroom Works in Newcastle upon Tyne. You can see her original work at

Bethan illustrates for a number of publications and has her own books. Her work is really varied so I definitely recommend you take a look. Bethan is a member of Set of Drawers a group of freelance illustrators, if you are interested in illustration also have a look at their website.

I also intend to develop a workshop based on furniture designer Nick James work; painter Jim Edwards and jewellery designer Bronwen Deane. I’ll also be doing a workshop on my own art practice.

This work takes simplified elements of her visual practice and combines it creating something different but with links to her work and is achievable by most young people with the right support and guidance.

I think what its important to stress is that if your doing art at school for GCSE for example its important to show links to other artists, designers and craftspeople but not to simply create skilled copies (pastiches) because this won’t get you the best marks.

If you are working in a sketchbook try and add annotation (notes) explaining the similarities and differences, what you’ve done well and what you could have done even better.

Some of the key visual principles I’ve used in a similar way to Bethan are:
Line bold, cury lines
Text words in different fonts & colours
Collage to create a varied background

Some of the differences are:
Proportion My self-portrait has more realistic proportions than Bethan’s sylized quirky illustrations.
Technique- Bethan uses digital editing on her work these pieces are completed using traditional media namely Berol paints, collage, pencil, biro, coloured pencil and fineliners.

I like the colours and patterns in the final outcome and think the composition is interesting.

If I made my final piece again I would put less detail on the face and exaggerate the proportion of the features more.



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