Artist’s Experimentation with Layering and Laminating have a Matisse Feel

This images are the result of todays experimental work.

Experimenting with layering and laminating E Kane © (2011)
Experimenting with layering and laminating E Kane © (2011)

I really love the bold colours and the graphic patterns. They are made from collaged tissue, painted paper, thread, oragami paper, plastic netting and acrylic paint.

They remind me of Matisse’s work but I’d like to focus more on the work of another local artisan, the work of North East based jewellery designer Bronwen Deane.

These are made as exemplar pieces with the idea of running jewelery design workshop with young people (probably between the ages of 11-15).  To try and link them more closely to Bronwen’s beautiful work do this I’d ask the participants to include images of either themselves when they were younger; drawings of the place we run the workshop at or perhaps a photographic image of their home… but there wouldn’t be any hard and fast rules! I don’t want the workshop to produce copies of Bronwen’s work as this would be a bit limiting but I do want their to be a clear link. If I don’t do these workshops with young people I might have to think about how I could run some little art parties!

I think these pieces, which are circular with an approximately 10 cm diameter, are a great scale to experiment with different materials layered on top of each other but wouldn’t want to make them much bigger. I hope young people will make pendants, brooches and badges for the boys!

I’ll also use some of this images to make some cards because as I said earlier I love the bold colours.


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