Nancy Chops the Cultured Italian Greyhound Can Be Spotted At Tynemouth Market

“Nancy Chops The Italian Greyhound” (2011) E Kane ©
“Nancy Chops The Italian Greyhound”(2011) E Kane ©

This is the beautiful Italian Greyhound owned by Oonagh. She is a young lady and this picture captures her resting on the settee with her Mum.

I am quite pleased with how this illustration turned out as I struggle to depict the glossy sheen of a smooth coated breed without it becoming too air brushed. As her coat is blue grey I’ve put her against a bright orange backgound for maximum impact.

Greeting cards of this design are available for sale at Tynemouth Market every Sat and Sun.


3 thoughts on “Nancy Chops the Cultured Italian Greyhound Can Be Spotted At Tynemouth Market

  1. Town Mouse says:

    Lovely, Elizabeth. Though I still love my little borders best of all. Just taken their pictures to be framed today. I’ll photograph one and email it to you so you can see how it’s turned out. The picture framer was very impressed.

    1. elizabethkane says:

      Yes please do Betsy. It would be fantastic to see them properly finished.

      It seems everyone loves Border Terriers. My ‘Henry the Beguiling Border Terrier’ was probably my best seller last year but ‘Harry Plays Scrabble’ is proving to be a very popular card.
      I still laugh when I look at his expression he looks like me when I’m playing scrabble against my mum!

  2. Elizabeth Kane says:

    I’ve just been informed that Nancy is in fact a “Runty lil’ whippet she’s an imposter not a posh Italian Greyhound at all… still I think she’s lush!

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