New Card Designs, Pet Portriats and Commisioned Work

I’ve been really busy this week.

My priority was working on adding new designs in the style of “Everybody Here Loves Chickens” for my new, and exclusive, supplier of cards in Wales Vintage Gem. I’ll post details of the stores location in the very near future.

Alongside the chickens I’ve now got a dapper “Welsh Dresser” and “Six Old Rockers” (and yes I know ones actually a bike but I kinda like that!).

All images are copyright of the artist E Kane © (2011)

If you like these cards why not visit my page of other designs here and find out where to buy here.

Gemma, the shops proprietor, has also commissioned a pet portrait… here’s the drafts sent for approval.

I think her dog is so cute and am really pleased with the outcome so far, fingers crossed Gemma likes them too.

To find out more about commissioning a pet portrait visit my blog post here.

Finally this week I also completed some commissioned work for Laura Rutter who is the owner and head designer of Vintage Princess Jewellery.

Laura was one of my very first commissioning clients so it was nice to work with her again. Laura sells jewellery inspired by the latest trends and her work is very reasonably priced. She is soon to be opening a shop in City Attic in Durham. You can find her on facebook here or her online shop here.

Oh and I forgot to mention my image restoration of a pen and ink drawing of a dragon by a relative in Wales drawn in 1961!!


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