Acrylic Paintings of Animals by Elizabeth Kane Previews at The Spring Art Fair Sanctuary Artspace Gateshead Saturday 9th April

Tomorrow is the Spring Art fair! I’ve been working on a number of paintings over the past couple of months to preview at the event. All are original acrylic paintings on card in an A3 Polar White textured mount. They each took a couple of days to paint and are priced at £50.00

The Spring Art Fair
Sanctuary Art Space
St Edmunds Chapel
High Street
Gateshead, United Kingdom
09 April · 12:00 – 17:00

It would be great to see as many people there as possible. If I don’t make any sales I think Ill be looking to add to this body of work and exhibit them.

New Works for Spring Art Fair at Sanctuary Artspace Gateshead From front to rear “Pickles”, Jimmy Mack”, “Mr Dandy”, “Kittens”, “Nancy” and “Cebu”. All images are copyright of the artist E Kane (2011)

“Pickles” is an original painting, the piece was completed over two days. Pickles the Wild Eyed Jack Russell was Elizabeth’s original digital illustration (from 2010) and is one of my best selling images. In fact its the image I use on all my stationary and business cards I love it that much! I’m particularly happy with the fine detail created using an extremely thin brush. Pickles is a subtle painting exploring colour and mark making.

“Jimmy Mack” is based on Jimmy Mack the Highland Terrier an original digital illustration from 2010.  The intense colours background contrast with the white brushstrokes on his coat. I use a wide variety of acrylic paints and mediums including Daler-Rowney System 3 and professional Cryla, Windsor and Newton and liquitex. Jimmy Mack has a sense of drama thanks to the strong tonal contrast. I love the depth of colour in the background… I might have to just do an abstract using this technique and a similar colour palette!

“Mr Dandy” is a bold painting exploring colour and mark making with areas of subtle detail achieved using a  fine synthetic brush.

My “Kittens” acrylic painting includes the use of some neon pigments which are not easily reproduce-able so this painting is a lot bolder and more vivid than the prints of this piece. It really is unique.

“Nancy” is developed from Nancy the Italian Greyhound (aka the runty lil whippet). Nancy’s is built up using cool greys and blacks and then over painted with charcoal grey and white brush strokes to suggest her silky coat. The cool blue grey contrasts with the vivid bold yellow and goldern brushstrokes visiable in the background. Sometimes I look at this painting and see really interesting things happening with the dogs form I’m not always 100% happy with the finished piece but then I rarely am!

“Cebu”  is built up using mars black and then over painted with charcoal grey and white brush strokes. I am especially pleased with Cebu’s mesmeric glassy eyes.

A big thank you to Hannah Mountain and Jim Craig for organising the event.

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