Wallsend Festival 2011 Preparation for 2nd July

The Wallsend Festival

The Wallsend Festival sets out to be a community celebration of all that’s good in Wallsend in North Tyneside in the UK in the past, present and future. This year the event is celebrating its eleventh anniversary and should be great.

The festival takes place for a week and culminates on ‘Festival Saturday’ – which this year will be 2nd July. Looking at their website you can see the event is a great mix of stalls,performing and visual arts. You can see photos of the past nine festivals here.

If all goes to plan I will be delivering a workshop for children and young people (and their parents and guardians) at this years event and I’m really excited by what I’ve got planned. [The only holdup is waiting for my new CRB from North Tyneside Council which is of course essential and fingers crossed its here on time]

Plans for 2nd July

So what am I planning to do?

Aims of the workshop:
  • To enable children and young people to work with a local artist to explore the rich cultural history of Wallsend.
  • To refine or reinforce the participants collage skills… carefully select shapes and colours that are in keeping with the overall design; gluing shapes with care; modifying or adapting collage ‘tiles’ using scissors.
  • To develop our understanding of what is a mosaic.

Outcomes of the Workshop
  • A number of mixed media collages (combining the artists acrylic painting with the children and young peoples collaged tiles)
  • Photographs of the day and final outcome (with signed consent from parents/guardians)
  • I will also liaise with potential exhibition spaces to showcase the work.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Preparation for Workshop
After completing some research using Tyne & Wear online archives and visiting the amazing Segedunum (plus walking around Wallsend and discussing the project with friends and family) I’ve completed several A2 acrylic and ink under-paintings on cartridge paper of simplified iconic images based on Wallsend in the past and future.
Subjects will include North Tyneside’s heraldic symbol; The Romans in Wallsend looking at finds from Segedunum; Coal mining; Ship building (Swan Hunters, Turbinia and RMS Mauretania ); Wallsend Boys Club and the future of Wallsend (possible focus on engineering for the oil industry and renewable energy).
I will only put out a few paintings a time until they are completely covered in paper ‘mosaic’ tiles. This will mean some pieces will be completed for exhibition.

Health and Safety
This activity has been planned due to its suitability for a wide range of ages. The only materials that will be on hand are a range of papers, PVA glue, glue spreaders, glue pots and age appropriate scissors. Of course a full risk assessment will be completed before the event.
I am a member of AN + AIR which provides public liability insurance for all activities related to being an artist including delivering workshops.

Just one more thing CHeck out Segedunum

Get yourself along to Segedunum if you can entry for an Adult is £4.50 and there is a lot more to do and see there than you might think. I loved the scenery from the viewing tower and there were lots of interesting artefacts to look at and learn about inside the museum. All of the interactive displays I looked at were in good working order (which sometimes sadly is not the case), the bathhouse was beautiful and the excavated remains were fascinating. The only downside was that the cafe wasn’t open but there were vending machines for coffee, soup, crisps and chocolate!

All writing and images copyright of the artist E Kane (2011) ©
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4 thoughts on “Wallsend Festival 2011 Preparation for 2nd July

  1. Town Mouse says:

    We’ll try to be there, Elizabeth – it sounds an amazing project. I’ll also pass news of the festival on to my daughter and granddaughter (remember Gypsy Charlie?)

    1. elizabethkane says:

      I’ll never forget Gypsy Charlie! Your daughter showed me the framed print when it was completed, she picked a gorgeous simple white frame very modern and elegant. Excited about this project already met lots of interesting people through it and enjoyed the opportunity to dress as a Roman at Segedunum as part of the research!

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