New Welsh Language Designs Commissioned by Vintage Gem in Cardiff

On Saturday I posted my newest designs to Vintage Gem in Cardiff. They should be arriving in the shop very shortly.

I was very excited and happy to work with proprietor Gemma to make a number of Welsh language cards with imagery inspired by vintage illustration, art and design and Wales.

New Designs Comissioned by Vintage Gem in Cardiff (all images are copyright of the artist E Kane 2011)  Cartref Newydd – New Home Diolch – Thank You Ar Ddydd Eich Priodas - On your wedding day Llongyfarchiadau – Congratulations Mewn Cydymdeimlad - With Sympathy Penblwydd Hapus - Happy Birthday Babi Newydd - New Baby Pob Lwc - Good Luck
New Designs Commissioned by Vintage Gem in Cardiff (all images are copyright of the artist E Kane 2011)

I began the design process by playing with monoprinting techniques to produce a range of textures inspired by 1960s textiles. I choose a limited palette of fresh bright colours. Once I was happy with the various prints I’d produced I began working on coloured line drawings with Stabilo Fine Liners inspired by photographs in the public domain and my own photography.

“Cartref Newydd” New Home is one of my favourite new designs. The new home I have depicted is Cardiff Castle! I think you can see the influence the artist John Piper has had on my mixed media digital collage work in this piece.

“Babi Newydd” – New Baby shows a Victorian Welsh mother with her child snuggled into her with a beautiful colourful welsh blanket. The colours have been carefully selected to suit both a boy or a girl!

“Diolch” – Thank You shows a spray of Narcissus flowers with the Daffodil being the floral symbol of Wales.

“Ar Ddydd Eich Priodas” – On your wedding day is inspired by the shop owners handsomely attired brother, owner of Als Musique Boutique, and his beautiful girlfriend. The outline of the Church is taken from an photograph in Wales from around 1900. The lace veil is from around the same time period.

“Penblwydd Hapus” – Happy Birthday shows a candle lit cupcake with lace icing!

“Pob Lwc” – Good Luck is a simple design depicting a lucky horse shoe.

“Llongyfarchiadau” – Congratulations shows a party popper raining confetti down. I have elected to avoid imagery with alcohol so it is suitable for all ages and occasions based on feedback from customers at Tynemouth Market.

“Mewn Cydymdeimlad” – With Sympathy is something that I struggled with but I am now happy with the overall design I hope the image conveys a sense of calm and respect it is non-denominational.

I’ve really enjoyed designing these cards and have loved learning a bit about the Welsh language. I hope my grandma Ceridwen would be proud!

Vintage Gem is at

 1B Station Road
CF15 8AA
United Kingdom

English language versions of these contemporary designs fusing digital illustration with vintage inspiration are available at Tynemouth Market every Saturday and Sunday from Elizabeth’s stall from 8.30am till 4pm.

Tynemouth Station
Station Terrace
North Shields
North Tyneside
NE30 4RE

3 thoughts on “New Welsh Language Designs Commissioned by Vintage Gem in Cardiff

  1. Rhys says:

    Aaargh, you’ve just reminded me I need to fnd a shop in the centre of Cardiff which sells a Sul y Tadau (Fathers Day) cards.

    (I cam across your blog while browsing the welsh tag on WordPress btw)

    Radyr is a bit far for me to go and look for cards, but let me know if the shop accepts your designs as I’ve just started a <a href=" fideo“>Welsh language hyperlocal blog for Cardiff, and this could be the basis of a blog post.


    1. elizabethkane says:

      Hi Rhys

      Sorry for taking a while to get back to you.

      Yes Vintage Gem are now selling my Welsh language cards. I haven’t done a fathers day or mothers day card but we will see how sales go and if they’re good might expand the range. Gemma Symmes and her Mum Pat are the proprietors.

      I know them through their son Alan who runs Als Musique Boutique in Newcastle. originally they took an assortment of my animal cards but then when they saw that many shops don’t have welsh cards asked me is I could do something special just for them. I was really pleased to do that for two reasons… my Grandma Ceridwen was from Wales and I’m sure she would have been proud and pleased but also I just love languages.

      Good luck with the blog I’d love to see what you write if you do a post on the shop and my cards. Keep me updated!


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