A Gift for A Special Little Girl

Okay a confession… I missed my friends Cheryl and Craig’s little girl Isla’s first birthday. This made me very sad. I’m kicking myself but I’ve finished their present this week and plan to meet up asap to put this right.

As an artist I decided to try and make a portrait of their beautiful daughter, after all she is so bonny who wouldn’t want her picture on their wall?

“Isla” Digital portrait created in Adobe Photoshop Elements E Kane (2011) ©
“Isla” Digital portrait created in Adobe Photoshop Elements E Kane (2011) ©

Isla is such a well dressed little girl it was challenging to settle on one photograph to work on but I just really like her chubby cheeks and stylish hat. Fingers crossed when she’s a bit older she’ll appreciate it and that her mum and dad like it too x

I’ve posted this as I don’t have that many examples of my digital people portrait commissions (plenty of pets) so it nice to see how my style translates… If I get permission of her parents I will post the original photograph too so you can see how it relates to the source material!

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