Creative Exchange at The Sage: BALTIC Presents the Turner Prize

As my last post on the lecture by The Rt. Hon. Baroness Estelle Morris and Marc Lewis so long and wordy I’ve tried to keep my second post on The Creative Exchange event at the Sage a bit briefer!

Just to recap Creative Exchange was a conference organised by a number of partners in the North East to discuss, debate and share information about arts education at the present time.


Be inspired by this special Turner Prize themed workshop. Take part in a hands-on artist led activity inspired by this year’s nominated artists as well as find out about great opportunities BALTIC has to offer teachers and students during The Turner Prize 2011.

The Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art is presenting The Turner Prize 2011. As a member of the CREW (essentially a gallery assistant) at the Baltic I was interested to see how we were promoting The Turner Prize at events such as Creative Exchange.

I felt Baltic’s learning and engagement team gave a succinct presentation about how much of an amazing cultural opportunity it was for the North East and Baltic to host The Turner Prize. A very brief outline was given of the artists work and talks, the teachers preview, activities in schools and the wider area where signposted (you can read about them here). Delegates were encouraged to join the mailing list.

One of Baltic’s freelance artists Alison Unsworth developed a very simple inroductory task based on the artists work. I felt we as an audience were probably a bit reserved to get the most out of it but I particularly liked the keywords for each of the artists and will be trying to embed them into discussion I will have with the public at Baltic.

Play   Design   Remember   Look

Karla Black   Martin Boyce   Hilary Lloyd   George Shaw


I am incredibly excited by this!


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