Monochromatic Moments Young Peoples Satarday Art Club at The Customs House

This project was inspired by the charcoal drawings and needle felted sculptures of Joss Wrigg in her solo exhibition at The Customs House Transition 2.

The young artists used this project to explored ways to make art using tints and shades… we decided to focus specifically on black and white.

Each participant made an A3 abstract charcoal drawing based around an original abstract collage they produced by cutting and rearranging an A4 photograph of highly decorated Easter Eggs. [An Easter activity with a difference]

The second part of the project required team work… the children were put in pairs and asked to create a jigsaw of animal textures (again using the willow and compressed charcoal). Elizabeth will spend some time filling in the black sections and then the work will be displayed for a short time in an exhibition tbc

Finally we each attempted our own monochrome painted dog portrait. Taking inspiration from Joss Wriggs characterful drawings we used some wonderful  photographs of dogs diving into swimming pools.

Useful links

The Customs House  is a theatre, cinema and gallery that offers a range of fantastic activities that suit all ages and abilities in South Shields.

Ch-arted  is a new, accessible, exciting and engaging website where you will find a range of free and paid for educational tools, projects, class room activities and much more!

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