Exchange Artists Book Project

I’m working with Clarita Lulić to set up an artists book project between some of my colleauges at BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art where I’m a member of CREW and artists studying alongside Clarita at Arizona State University where she is a fullbright scholar.

This brief was distributed in an open callout to fellow CREW and Clarita distributed it within her network (I’ve removed the deadline dates as this is under revision… the original time scale was just that bit too ambitious!)…


A collaborative project facilitated by Elizabeth Kane and Clarita Lulic

The next project is an exchange between current staff, previous members of staff, and artists at Arizona State University. Clarita writes, “There is a book group here at asu, called ABBA a bunch a book artists and they teach bookmaking classes all year round so potentially there could be alot of interest.”

We have decided to make this brief even more simple:

Produce 2 editions of an artist book.
Post one/Hand one to Clarita in Arizona.
Post one/Hand one to Elizabeth in Gateshead.

There are no limitations regarding the format of the book however it is worth bearing in mind as you will be posting your book to the USA to ensure it does not contain any material that could cause difficulty in getting past customs e.g. no plant material, no metal etc It is also essential that you pay the correct postage as we cannot pay for underpaid items.

The collection of artists books will be displayed in the library Cubes at Baltic (Thanks to Gary Malkin).
Clarita will research the possibility of some form of exhibition space in Arizona University.

Please register that you will be participating via email

Postal addresses will be supplied to the list of participating artists.


Elizabeth K.


So far Kimberley Gaiger, Brighid Mulley and Rose Delcour-Min have confirmed they are taking part from the CREW at BALTIC. Its nice to have a smaller group to work with after the rather larger than expected 26 people who took part in my previous project BALTIC Staff Exhibitions.

I’ve been making slow progress and have decided upon a spiral folding book. This is a snapshot of my work in progress there is still a lot left to do to complete the composition…


At the moment my mind is filled with ideas about museums and galleries. This isn't an infographic or a thought shower as the 'keywords' are just the first things that popped into my head when thinking about BALTIC the gallery I work at as a member of CREW.
At the moment my mind is filled with ideas about museums and galleries. This is a work in progress… I think it reflects that stage in thought when things are in flux and haven’t found their place yet. I’m looking forward to seeing what happens as it progresses. 

The ‘keywords’ that will centre on each smaller page are just the first things that popped into my head when thinking about BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art. Currently my mind is filled with ideas about museums and galleries as Ive just finished a really fantastic placement in a Development team at BALTIC and had confirmation of my acceptance on the MA Museums and Gallery Studies at Newcastle University.

I was going to attend a research seminar led by Dagny Stuedahl, Visiting Scholar at ICCHS 2013, Researcher at InterMedia and Project Leader for Culture KICK Norway at Newcastle University today. The seminar was focused on the use of participatory approaches to design and development of digital technologies for museums and cultural heritage communication. I’m really interested in how galleries can make better use of the technology they already own and thinking about where we should focus our efforts. I also thought it would be an interesting networking opportunity but I’m happy with my decision to focus on this project instead as it was starting to feel a bit overwhelming.

The ICCHS Reseach blog is here and is definitely worth following. Perhaps there will be a write up of the session appearing in the near future.

This week I’ve also found a great free course by Open University all about MOOCs (Massively Open Online Courses) here. Makes interesting reading and think its something I should do a bit more research into.

Feel like I’ve finally made a bit of progress today after what has been a tricky week!




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