Exchange Artists Book Project Update

The initial idea for this project was to work with  Clarita Lulić to set up an artists book project between some of my colleauges at BALTIC and artists at Arizona State University. Clarita has been very busy so the project now has a somewhat more diaphanous form… perhaps the exchange with Arizona with still take place but if it doesn’t we will look for another possible exchange partner.

I’ve made one copy of my book using japanese stitching then adding an additional piece of card glued to the front and back cover to make it more robust. I was introduced to the stitching technique by Theresea Easton as part of the Sunderland book project which incidentally is being show at BALTIC’s book fair this summer as part of The Festival of The North East. I’m quite happy with the content but think I need to think about the form the book takes. In my last post I discussed the idea of a spiral book but I think I’ve decided against that now as the content has changed somewhat.

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I spoke to Brighid about her contribution and as the project’s initial form is changing too she has decided just to get one of her books professionally bound for the time being. I am very much looking forward to seeing her contribution.
Kimberley asked for some clarification for the deadline so we agreed we’d try and have our books completed by this coming Sunday. Of course we can always add another extension!

Rose was chatting to me about how her recently created animal blog had become very popular and Fizzy, her cat, is now being retweeted. Apart from that  ‘exchange’ I’m not really sure how her books getting on. I guess because I’ve been fuzzy about dates its made things a little muddled plus we rarely seem to have shifts together but we’re going to the symposium “Revisiting Form: Architecture, Socialism, Modernism” about Architecture at BALTIC on Friday so maybe I’ll be able to catch up with her then.



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